The 'Scrollo' Frame

The 'Scrollo' Frame


Do you often let your new art prints sit there collecting dust for weeks whilst you search for a frame that fits it and looks great?

Our new adjustable, minimal, glass-free picture frame is the solution. Inspired by old treasure maps, the Scrollo frame takes all the hassle out of finding an off-the-shelf frame (or having an expensive frame custom-made!) for your art print.

Can be used for art prints of (up to) 30cm width, and to a maximum height of 42cm. With a clever yet simple wooden dowel and rope system, the frame simply adjusts to fit around your artwork, giving it a unique minimal and modern look.

Handmade from hardwood dowel and thick cotton rope.


1) Take your TRAM art print AND the backing board out of the cellophane sleeve. Discard the sleeve.

2) Optional: adhere your art print directly to the backing board using double-sided tape (or similar).

3) Put your nail in the wall where you want to hang your new print. Unwrap your Scrollo and move the metal buckle up to underneath the rope knot.

4) Hang your Scrollo on the nail.

5) Move the top wooden dowel up towards the metal buckle to approximately the height of your art print.

6) Slot the art print, together with the backing board, into the slots in the top and bottom dowels.

7) Adjust the dowel and rope so that they fit snugly around your print.

Please note: The length of the rope supplied with the frame fits perfectly with our Circlescape A3 prints (i.e. 42cm high) but if you are using it with our square Aerial Map prints, aesthetically you may want to make the top hanging triangle a little shorter. This is done easily by simply un-tieing the knot, moving the metal buckle down to your preferred length, re-tie-ing the knot and snipping off the excess rope.

8) Done! Awesome art on the wall, with no framing hassles. Plus it looks cool too.

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