Our Story


TRAM has been on a journey…

A journey which has had some epic highs and some uphill struggles too. But isn’t that what adventure is all about?

The journey started back in 2002 in Scotland, where the paths of two soon-to-become-best-friends collided at Glasgow School of Art whilst studying graphic design. Fast forward almost a decade later, and both of us somehow land on the other side of the world, in a magical little place called Fremantle, Western Australia, where TRAM was born. The idea began from our desire to create artworks & gifts to send ‘back home’ to friends & family which accurately represented this incredible hidden gem we had discovered, that no words could even describe. Soon a small idea became a bigger business as we both juggled new babies, other businesses, more moves across the world and back again, with TRAM always keeping us excited and passionate about just creating beautiful functional things.

This year, our paths diverged and TRAM has now become a solo voyage. And like all solo voyages, there will be excitement, nerves, feelings of isolation, empowerment and adventure. And this intrepid explorer already has grand plans.

In 2019, we will see: national trade shows and huge markets in both Australia and Europe; the birth of a whole new range of products with it’s own unique travel-inspired style; a further exploration into functional yet beautiful items that every traveller dreams of; and the additions of more cities and locations because…. well, we have to scratch that travel itch somehow?!

Come with us.

Inspired by the world  |  Made in Australia.